First trip in 2018!! Iceland Trip Part 2

Day 4 – Höfn, Iceland (3/1/2018)

Ice caving in Jökulsárlón was one of the highlights of my trip. Exploring and seeing the breathtaking blue ice of the crystal cave was unique experience for me and is strongly recommend for you when you are travelling to Iceland during winter time. And I highly recommend you to bring along your DSLR camera when you taking the ice caving tour, it is because the DSLR can help to take a better picture of the blue ice cave.

Next, the Jökulsárlón lake is such a spectacular sight and it is very relaxing and calm when seeing the milky white and bright blue icebergs. Diamond Beach is only 5 minutes away from the Jökulsárlón, it is a beautiful black sand beach with the ice “diamonds” glistening on it.


Another place I went is Skaftafell National Park to see the frozen Svartifoss waterfall. It is 45 minutes walk from the carpark to the waterfall and it is difficult to hike when the floor with ice and slippery surface. However, it is really beautiful and unique waterfall you can see in Iceland.

Svartifoss waterfall
Skaftafell National Park

Day 5 – Reykjavik, Iceland (4/1/2018)

I went to the Sólheimasandur place wreck site in Vik, which is an abandoned DC plane on the beach at SólheimasandurIt is 50 minutes walk from the car park, and I recommend not to choose to walk to the plane wreck site on a windy day. The wind will be so strong and it is hard to walk on a flat rocky and sandy surface.

Sólheimasandur place wreck site

After seeing the plane wreck site, it is time to heading back to Reykjavik. Noodle station is one of the must eat in Reykjavik. It is an Asian restaurant selling delicious noodle soup with a very cheap price.

Noodle station

Another restaurant I went was Ostabúðin, and I recommend this restaurant to the meat, cheese or seafood-lovers. Ostabúðin is a great place to try on the Icelandic meal with a reasonable priced and reservation is recommended to make before going to the restaurant.

Day 6 – Reykjavik, Iceland (5/1/2018)

Blue Lagoon is one of the must go attractions when travelling in Iceland. It is the place for spa by having a silica mud musk and bathing in the mineral-rich warm water. It was so relaxing and calming when going to the Blue Lagoon in the early morning, waiting for the sunrise with very fewer people walking around. The place will be crowded after the sunrise and it is hard to take the best photo and having a relaxing spa.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

Kaffi Duus is the restaurant I went before heading back to the UK. Kaffi Duus located in Keflavik selling delicious seafood and have a beautiful view.

These are all the places that I’d go on this Iceland trip.

Below are some of the tips for you guys to take note when you are travelling to Iceland.

  • Rent a car when you travel in Iceland, it will make your life much easier when you want travelling around.
  • Book the trips (tours and hotels) earlier. Ice caving tour, Blue Lagoon, northern light tour and some of the hotels must book in advance before traveling.
  • Check the weather before you hit the road especially drive carefully or avoid driving in a bad weather.
  • Travelling in Iceland during winter time, you must consider the daylight is so short. Therefore, time allocation on the road trip and visiting attractions must plan it well.
  • Do your research before travelling and plan it well!

These are the useful website when travelling in Iceland:

Road condition and weather :

Aurora forecast :

Places to see Northern Light in Reykjavik  :

Hope you enjoy my blog! Thanks! x

The Part 1 of my Iceland trip:


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